Xpertech online dating

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Xpertech online dating

Primarily, use cases have been associated with requirements gathering and domain analysis.However, with the release of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) specification version 1.1, the scope of use cases has broadened to include modeling constructs at all levels.Through fit assessment and change cost analysis, new applications may be developed from the domain architecture with minimal bias and interference resulting in a more stabile and resilient domain model.Domain Model Normalization: Towards a Foundation for Managing Business Domain Architecture Evolution (1997 25p 170K PDF) Domain engineering is concerned with the development of an architecture for implementing a family of related applications.All of these models are synthesized into a domain evolution architectural transformation (DEAT) process model.Although considerable work remains, this thesis demonstrates the feasibility of utilizing the prescribed models for guiding performance of operations on a domain model.

In order for systems to be successfully implemented from such application frameworks, there are two major concerns that must be addressed: how to maintain non-interfering applications and how to minimize bias towards any individual application in developing the domain model.As we add new applications, we need to ensure that they are not destructive to each other.We also need to make certain that as we expand the domain model to accommodate new applications, that these future applications are not unnecessarily constrained or complex.Most of the related work to date has focused on defining the architectural structure of application frameworks or on maintaining structural and behavioral consistency.Methodologies have primarily focused on the definition of a domain model rather than its evolution.

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An adaptive use case model is proposed as an extension to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) specification.

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