Updating to a new linux kernel bryce dallas howard and xavier samuel dating

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Updating to a new linux kernel

While this is also true, that margin is rather slim, and only people who run servers or other important systems really need to be cautious.

For most normal consumer-type users, updating your kernel outweighs those issues by a lot.

Do you have your own policies for updating the Linux kernel?

Do you think distributions should always use the absolute latest or should they lag a bit for stability reasons?

While those were the updates you get with minor kernel updates (say 3.2.0 to 3.2.1), let’s check out some improvements you can commonly see with major updates (think 3.2 to 3.3).

Those are inconveniences that are easily avoided with up-to-date kernels.

Out of all the drivers being updated, the graphics drivers are probably those that you’ll notice the most, as every refresh usually adds a bit more performance.

While it’s always possible to go the proprietary route, knowing that the open source drivers keep getting better and better is good too.

In case your system does have a problem with it, you should be able to choose a previous kernel from the boot menu so you can get back into your system.

Then you can delete the offending kernel and make a choice of staying with your current kernel or waiting until a working update appears.

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