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The development of Sauchiehall Street was part of the westward growth of the city, spurred by the desire of wealthy merchants to own property on the outskirts.

The curious light-coloured building next door is the Salon Cinema which opened in June 1913.Unfortunately, the business was not a success and it closed in May 1923, whereupon another major renovation began.The facade was replaced with a more contemporary one and three new floors were built within the space formerly occupied by the auditorium.Harris, the tobacconist, and a service offering hair cutting, shaving, chiropody and manicure.Part of Renfield Street United Free Church is visible on the left, beyond the intersection, and a branch of R. Mc Coll, the confectioner, has good exposure on the corner.

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Much of the street is situated on a hillside that was probably once moorland, parts of which may have been wooded and others later cultivated.