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Jones has instructed his Webmaster, Paul Watson, to create a text filter that scans all comments posted on this website for the word ‘w-i-f-e,’ except dashes or other characters between the letters.

If the word ‘w-i-f-e’ (without dashes) is found in either the body of the comment itself or in the poster’s name, then that comment is automatically placed on moderation.

But, that’s only two earthquakes with some minor aftershocks.I found two web pages with good commentaries and data on this subject: my slowness with new news and commentaries, but exhaustion, reworking my budget repeatedly, firefox hogging my cpu, and looking for certain things to buy have been taking up a lot of my time.Update, 3/1/2010: I found more good websites on whether or not earthquakes have been increasing since ancient times/since after the Flood of Noah or Flood of God: I might have updated this earlier but stupid wordpress allowed me three times to be taken off this page while entering in tags and selecting a category rather than asking me if I wanted to leave the page, and strangely, though it erased my tags as usual, it saved some tag text I had re-entered in the post tags field.The communists, to whom Alex Jones and his guests refer, who influence and surround Obama, are also Jews.The banksters and the elite groups they talk about are dominated by the Zionists.

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Then Alex Jones tried to convince his readers that the Zionists are actually subservient to other people, such as the Queen of England! Jones has accumulated a large following in the years since Cooper’s death and has developed legions of kool-aid drinkers ready to, in many cases, probably take a bullet for him if needed.

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