Places to camp in sussex sexy cammy

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Places to camp in sussex

If wild camping and using a hammock we ask you to respect the woods, ask us where the best spots to set up your hammock are and be very cautious with any campfires.It goes without saying we do ask you to leave the wild camping spot as you found it when you leave.The 2003 Act confirms that camping is a lawful activity when done by a person in the exercise of the access rights created by the Land Reform Act.

On open access land wild camping is prohibited under Schedule 2 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, which lists all restricted activities.Therefore, new Regulations would be required to exclude wild camping as a restricted activity.Any change to the current rules on wild camping in National Parks and Ministry of Defence land would require new primary legislation.We hope Beech Estate offers an alternative, as close to wild camping in the UK, that many people will be able to access and enjoy – especially as close as you will get in Sussex, as the campsite is just over an hour from London and close to the South Coast.We welcome hammock campers, bivouac campers, wild campers and campers with tarps to the campsite.

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The Code provides specific advice on wild camping and recommends that in order to avoid causing problems you should not camp in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals.

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