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The teaching of the two natures in Christ, rejected by Monophysitism, was contested in the Greek Church until 518 ( Henotikon).

When Christ became man, both natures united into one indivisible person (πρόσωπον/ prósōpon, ὑπόστασις/ hypóstasis; against Nestorius), but remained distinct in their duality (against Cyrillus [2]). BC black-figured vase, named for the appended mythological names in the Chalcidian alphabet; none of the painters or potters is known [1.

7,4,3); served as a base against Mithridates VI; one of his generals, Diophantus, forced the Scythians to surrender C.

[German version] Definition of faith of the Council of Calchedon (AD 451; Sýnodos II. The question must, however, remain open, especially as some of the Chalcidian vases bear trademarks otherwise found only on vases not manufactured in Italy [1.

11,482b), which locates him in the middle of the 4th cent. Performed again 276-19 at the Naïa in Dodona (DID B 11,13); titles: Alphesiboea, ‘Achilles killer of Thersites (Apulian vase, Boston 03.804 [1. 3,12,1413b8) counts him among those writers whose plays are full… From the Attic deme of Sphettus; from early youth a passionate follower of Socrates. is lampooned as an especially zealous and ascetic pupil of Socrates.

was already dead by the time of Socrates' trial (399 BC).

Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) Bibliography Olshausen/Biller/Wagner, 120 W. Harbour town of the Soringoi at the mouth of the Chaberos (Kāveri) in southern India, in Ptol. Old Indian (Tamil) Kāveripaṭṭinam or Pumpuhar; port of the Chola Empire. On the way there, victory against the Spartans on Aegina (Xen.

A Greek settlement is mentioned in classic Tamil poetry.

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Edited by: Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider (Antiquity) and Manfred Landfester (Classical Tradition). The section on the Classical Tradition is uniquely concerned with the long and influential aftermath of antiquity and the process of continuous reinterpretation and revaluation of the ancient heritage, including the history of classical scholarship.

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