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It’s also just as easy to ditch them in the crowd if they turn out to be a dud, which may be just what you need when you’re rolling the dice on a Tinder match whose profile pictures were all group shots.

The stylish, minimalist environs of this ultra-hip lounge on Belmont lend to the feeling of it being some kind of well-guarded secret among internet daters of Portland, but we assure you it is not.

During the winter, Rontoms’ Sunday Sessions move inside where it’s not soaking wet.

The weekly night of free music offers the perfect low-stakes opportunity to check out up-and-coming local bands and impress your date with your adventurous taste in music in the process.

Winter on the Northwest coast is harsh, windy, and cold, but that just means that far fewer tourists will be swarming the beaches.

Seriously, forest park covers around 5,157 acres with 80 miles of trails.

Grab a few glasses of wine from the all-day happy hour menu and impress your date with not only your exceptional taste, but your savvy frugality.

Combine this with a trip to Rontoms afterwards (see below) for one of the best value night on the towns out there.

And for series like Lez Stand Up, the seats might be cheap, but the jokes aren’t; these places screen their performers well, so you won’t have horrible acts thinking they can get a laugh by being like, so edgy, right?

Every other Sunday, Shift Drinks whips up a special dinner -- it might be lasagna, beef bourguignon, or pozole, but in any case it’s always 100% free.

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We find time to play in the kitchen, exhibiting a genuine affection for our seasonal, local produce.

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