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Of the six lines, two were taken from a Shangri-Las song, and they weren’t particularly good ones, either. (1963): You keep waiting for a redeeming melody to rise to the surface, but it doesn’t come. The call-and-response chorus is labored; the whole thing reeks of having come from a squaresville Off Broadway musical about kids these days.

(“Whatever happened to / The love that we once knew? The weirdest thing about the song is how the title words come on a low note that Lennon doesn’t quite hit, a rarity for a band with such vocal precision from the start. The instrumentation is unusual; there are no actual Beatles playing on the track, but no one cares because the song is so bad.

At Beatles anniversary time, the stories write themselves. orchestrations) ignored, with a few other interesting tracks that have dribbled out over the decades added in.

The list is based on the band’s British releases, which is how they thought of their work. There was also a flurry of non-album singles throughout those years, collected in different ways in the U. They are duly noted below; most sound like the appreciative efforts of a young and not-quite-formed band; the Beatles being the Beatles, however, a few are transcendent.

Definitely in the top five of Most Irritating Songs Paul Mc Cartney Ever Wrote.

They didn’t fuss about it; it’s what they wanted to do. Mc Cartney’s piano playing, which graced so many Beatles songs, right up to “A Day in the Life,” is a parody of itself.

It’s the worst song in the Beatles’ classic period.

(The first of these ended when authorities discovered George Harrison was underage; he was unceremoniously deported.) The band’s undisciplined and chaotic performances are now the stuff of legend, ranging as they did from wild American R&B to the schlockiest schlock, like this.

But at the end of this trial by fire — playing in front of gamblers, gangsters, strippers, and thugs — they emerged as tight and focused a band as can be imagined.

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The band’s delivery is deliberate and respectful, much like that on the original, a somewhat obscure Shirelles track; a much more over-the-top version would be a hit in the 1970s for a band called Smith. “Love Me Do” became a minor hit for the band in England; such was the meteoric evolution of Lennon and Mc Cartney’s songwriting skills that by the time A creditable early lead vocal on the Chuck Berry classic by George Harrison, who loved the song.